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Carton Box Manual Corrugated Cardboard Box Manual Stripper


Carton Box Manual Corrugated Cardboard Box Manual Stripper

Type:pneumatic waste stripper


Chain:#3 chain

Revolution:2500 RPM

Working pressure:6~8KG

Motor:Taiwan Brand

Paper type:it suitable for all kinds of paper, especially for corrugating medium paper and paperboard and so on

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Carton box manual high speed corrugated cardboard carton box manual stripper for sale

1.For waste margin stripping of cardboard, thin corrugated paper and common corrugated paper in printing industry.

2.Manual stripping for hours, stripping machine 10 to 30 minutes to complete, stripping efficiency is improved by nearly 10 times, greatly shorten the delivery cycle.

3.No damage for bonding area while stripping, improve the efficiency.

4.Compact configuration, almost the same weight as portable polishing machine, easy to use, men and women can operate the machine after simple training.

5.Reducing the occurrence of industrial injury, and other side, Such as wrist, back, shoulder injuries and repetitive operation motion.

6.The tooth chain adopts high strength alloy steel after heat treatment process, high hardness, wear resistance, long life, and easy replacement.


Item Number



Pneumatic stripper


Black and Silver (you could choose the color you want )


2500 turns /min


#3 with 18 cogs (medium size)

Air consumption


Working pressure

6~8 KG

Net weight

3.5 KG

Minimum cutting size


Suitable paper

all kinds of paper. Efficiency will be higher for corrugating medium paper/paperboard

Gross Weight


Package Dimensions



The compressed air driven HS-880S carton-stripper is our standard stripper and our bestseller.

More than 95% of our customers worldwide use and prefer this handy type and they are very satisfied with it. The HS-880s is particularly well suited for normal waste. This device is driven by a pneumatic famous motor. Our pneumatic type HS-880S is very robust and very low-maintenance.

For the main processing of corrugated cardboard, we also offer our special medium chain for this device. All pneumatic types are also available with a two-hand safety system.

For the HS-880S, we will provide you the automatic maintain unit oil-water separator to ensure the stripping tool smoothly work all the time. And it is absolute necessary to use the unit to protect the air driven motor.

Field of Application & Work Stations for HS-880S Carton-Stripper
HS-880S is designed for the sole purpose of clearing waste of carton boxes.
HS-880S is a pneumatic manual die-cut waste stripping device. After connecting to air pump, press the rotary switch for normal operation.
HS-880S is to be installed and operated in a post-processing waste stripping area.

HS-880S Carton-waste Advantages

• Powerful pneumatic motor guarantees smooth stripping.

• Solid and rigid steel construction.

• Stripping waste with maximal efficiency.

• Extremely safe, easy and comfortable to operate.

• The hardened-steel stripping wheel guarantees longer lifetime

Product Features

HS-880S stripper is a high- efficient manual tool ,compared with the traditional stripper’s method by hammer, stripper could improve the speed at least above 5-10 times.
• Compact structure, light-weight design and easy operation; male or female operator could handle it through a simple training.
• The HS-880S stripper’s power cause by air motor, thus safe operation and long productive life.
HS-880S Stripper’s tooth chain with high strength alloy steel which using advanced heat treatment technology, high hardness, strong abrasive resistance and long working life.

Product Functions Explanation
• This device HS-880S is specially designed for the universal use of removal of large & small segment waste from die cut sheets with no damage to the carton blanks, which can improve the factory productivity.
• Pneumatic driven, environmental friendly, safe and reliable
• Conforms to Oriental hand shape, which can be moved flexibly and lightly.
• Scientific design stripping wheel, effectively reduces the unreasonable contacts with paper
• The powerful pneumatic motor enables stripping to be handier
• Enhances the efficiency of stripping greatly, reduces stripping personnel, and saves time

Principle picture for segments of waste stripper

The outside trim must be cut into sections no large than 400mm long. The lenght is dependent on the number and the depth of cut-outs as well as the shape of sheet. The smaller the number of the nicks, the faster the stripping operation will go.

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