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Company News

Company News
CHAOYI MACHINERY is a leading manufacturer and supplier of waste strippers for the packaging and printing industries.
CHAOYI has been receiving great feedback from its customers regarding its carton waste strippers, with many customers re-purchasing the product due to its excellent performance and reliability.... View More>>
The HS-650 Semi-automatic inner hole waste stripping machine
The HS-650 Semi-automatic inner hole waste stripping machine is an innovative solution designed specifically to address the issue of inner hole waste in the packaging and printing industry.... View More>>
CHAOYI MACHINERY's Annual Promotion Event: Get Super Competitive Prices on Carton Waste Strippers
CHAOYI MACHINERY's annual promotion event is an excellent opportunity to get super competitive prices on top-quality carton waste strippers.... View More>>
CHAOYI MACHINIERY's big promotion event will end this Sunday
Attention all buyers!​The big promotion event for paper carton waste strippers is coming to a close this Sunday. If you have any plans to purchase these products, now is the time to act.... View More>>
CHAOYI MACHINERY extend our warmest wishes to all the students in Gaokao examination
As the last day of the "gaokao" college entrance exam in China comes to an end, students across the country are undoubtedly feeling a mix of emotions.... View More>>
pneumatic paper waste diecut stripper maintenance of equipment and safety of items
CHAOYI MACHINERY pneumatic carton waste strippers' warranty is 1 year.... View More>>
CHAOYI MACHINERY is having its annual promotion for paper carton waste strippers.
The promotion has been going on for three days and has already received many orders from existing and new customers... View More>>
CHAOYI MACHINERY wish all examinees good luck and every success.
​CHAOYI MACHINERY wishes all examinees good luck and success in their efforts.... View More>>
CHAOYI MACHINERY Factory Celebrates 20 Years with Product Promotions
CHAOYI MACHINERY's factory annual promotion has started from 5th-June to 11st-June.... View More>>
When you use CHAOYI paper carton waste edge parts stripper, please pay attention to the following safety.
Connecting the pneumatic carton waste stripper machine to air compressor. The air compressor’ operating pressure should be more than 0.6 KPA. For electric carton stripper machine, please connect it to the 220V power.... View More>>
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