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Quotation 1: What is carton waste stripper machine?

Answer: Paper carton waste strippers are tools or machines used to remove or strip the waste material from folding carton, e-flute, cardboard, microwave- and corrugated board,
when making carton or box.. These devices are designed to efficiently separate and remove any excess or unwanted parts of the carton, such as the trimmings or scraps leftover during the manufacturing or recycling process. Paper carton waste strippers are commonly used in the packaging and printing industry. When breaking out the die-cut waste with our carton-strippers, the sheets remain exactly stacked as they left the die-cutter.

Warm Reminder:

Prerequisite for using our technology is that the outside trim must be cut into trim sections.
Except from this is the clutch edge. This will be stripped out reciprocally, on the left and right side.

Subdivide the waste edge in a way that the chain can operate at the widest part of the waste edge.
Furthermore, the smaller the number of nicks (to heed at new forms), the faster the stripping operation will go.

Our stripper removes the trim section by section at high speed.
A section of the stack of 250 sheets high can be removed in one second for instance.
This performance results in a substantial lowering of manual stripping cost.

Quotation 2 : How many types of carton waste stripper machine do you have?

Answer: Three types. Pneumatic type, electric type and battery paper carton waste stripper machine.
For pneumatic type machine, you should connect it with compressor when using;
For electirc type machine, you should connect it with power and the Voltage must be 220V.
For battery type, just need to make sure your battery is full of power, then you could operate the stripper.

Below is Pneumatic Carton Waste Stripper Machine

Below is Electic Carton Waste Stripper Machine

Below is battery re-chargable Carton Waste Stripper Machine

Quotation 3: How to use the carton waste stripper machine?

Answer: Operating Instructions as below
1, Connecting the pneumatic carton waste stripper machine to air compressor. The air compressor’ operating pressure should be more than 0.6 KPA. For electric carton stripper machine, please connect it to the 220V power.
2, Clutch handle with left hand grip and Grip the motor handle with your right hand. Turn on the machine and work by both hands.
3, Machine's chain will rotate by high speed after turning on the machine. Place the machine on the edge of the waste paper and gently press the hands down to force
4, The waste paper edge from the chain should be cleaned up to the designated point in time.

Quotation 4: How to maintain machine?

Answer: Maintenance Method as bleow

1,The machine should be maintained after using 2-3 days. If the using time is more than 15 hrs per day, you should maintain the machine once a day.
2, The maintain operations for pneumatic stripper machine: Apply the specialized air-tool oil to the air inlet of machine. And apply the regular engine oil to the chain of machine. Then turn on the machine to let it rotate about one minute. You can also install the oil-water separator to automatic maintenance to discharge of water in the air compressor every day.
3, The maintain operations for electric stripper machine: Apply the regular engine oil to the chain of machine and Lift the machine with both hands. Then turn on machine to let it rotate by one minute. Please replace the carbon brush when the motor power drops.
More details, please follow below video:

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