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Latest News

CHAOYI MACHINERY's Semi-Automatic Inner Hole Waste Cleaner
CHAOYI MACHINERY is a renowned manufacturer with nearly 20 years of experience in producing waste cleaning machines.... View More>>
Chaoyi Machinery's Efficient Order Fulfillment in the UAE
With prompt payment and swift order fulfillment, Chaoyi Machinery continues to assert its reputation as a highly efficient and reliable partner. ​... View More>>
Roll Paper Cutting Folding Machine Waste Paper Stripper
HS-480S is designed for packaging and priting industry focus to die cut waste edge parts from paperboard when making cartons or boxes.... View More>>
Chaoyi Machinery's November Employee Birthday Party
Chaoyi Machinery, a company dedicated to teamwork, collaboration, and employee satisfaction, believes in celebrating its employees' special moments.... View More>>
CHAOYI MACHINERY's Comprehensive Range of Spare Parts for Paper Box Edge Trimmers
CHAOYI MACHINERY takes immense pride in offering a wide range of spare parts for our innovative and reliable paper box edge trimmers.... View More>>
The Success of CHAOYI MACHINERY's HS-2936 Paper Box Edge Trimmers
CHAOYI MACHINERY, a renowned name in the industry, has consistently strived to deliver high-quality products to its clients.... View More>>
Corrugated Box Edge Scrapers by CHAOYI MACHINERY
CHAOYI MACHINERY is a highly experienced and specialized manufacturer of corrugated box edge scrapers.... View More>>
4 pcs HS-2936 Carton Waste Stripper to UAE
When we received the request for four HS-2936 machines, we immediately understood the urgency.... View More>>
Common Pneumatic Paper Box Waste Stripper Problem Solution
Cardboard scrap edge clearing machines play a vital role in the recycling industry, efficiently removing excess material from boxes.... View More>>
The Versatile Application of Nick Grinders in Cutting Diecuts
​Nick grinders have emerged as a vital tool in the die-cutting industry, providing precise grinding capabilities to remove nicks and enhance the performance of cutting dies.... View More>>
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