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Latest News

Taiwan Motor Waste Stripper HS-2836S with 4500 RPM
The waste stripper is the perfect choice for businesses in the printing and packaging industry... View More>>
Make Your Carton Waste Stripper Durable
Carton waste strippers require regular maintenance to keep them in optimum condition and enhance their durability... View More>>
2023 Inner Hole Waste Stripping Machine
The inner hole waste stripping machine is a revolutionary piece of equipment widely used in industries... View More>>
2023 China Asean Expo
Chaoyi Machinery to Showcase Innovative Packaging Solutions at China-ASEAN Expo... View More>>
HS-2936 box waste stripper
Canadan Customer re-placed order with 20pcs HS-2936 pneumatic paperboard box waste stripper... View More>>
A High-Performance Diecut Tool for Efficient Cardboard
HS-2836 is a waste stripper, a cutting-edge solution for effortless waste removal in the paper industry.... View More>>
What Should We do If the Waste Stripper's Speed Slow Down?
If your pneumatic stripping device's speed slows down and it's hard to strip waste smoothly.... View More>>
HS-D30 Carton Waste Stripper For Diecutting
Carton Waste Stripper HS-D30 is a groundbreaking device designed to address the challenges faced by businesses dealing with cardboard waste.... View More>>
Paper Carton Waste Stripper Promotion On Sale
CHAOYI MACHINERY is thrilled to join in the celebrations by announcing a special promotion for our esteemed customers.... View More>>
Maotai is cooperating with Luckin Coffee
The collaboration between Maotai and Luckin Coffee serves as a great example of strong alliances in the business world.... View More>>
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