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Latest News

The positive feedback from Sri Lankan about HS-650 carton stripper
The HS-650 Inner Hole Carton Waste Stripping Machine is built to withstand the rigors of continuous industrial use.... View More>>
New Order from Saudi Arabia for HS-2836L Carton Waste Stripper
The HS-2836L carton waste stripper is a result of Chaoyi Machinery’s ongoing commitment to innovation and excellence.... View More>>
A Game-Changer in the Sri Lankan Market
Chaoyi cardboard edge trimming and waste removal machine has emerged as a changer in the Sri Lankan... View More>>
Chaoyi Machinery Resumes Work After Dragon Boat Festival
we take pride in offering innovative and efficient waste stripping machines that are designed to improve efficiency.... View More>>
Chaoyi Machinery recognizes the significance of the gaokao in shaping the future of young individuals.... View More>>
Why Clients Always Choose Chaoyi Machinery
Why Clients Always Choose Chaoyi Machinery for High-Quality Pneumatic Paper Box Waste Edge Strippers... View More>>
High effective HS-080S carton waste stripper
The HS-080S carton waste stripper is a cutting-edge machine designed to efficiently and effectively strip paper and cardboard waste... View More>>
The 2024 drupa exhibition
The 2024 drupa exhibition will serve as a platform for companies to showcase their contributions to sustainability within the label and packaging sector.... View More>>
2024 DRUPA
Drupa is a ten-day fair running from May 28th to June 7th 2024. It is held every four years since its inauguration in 1951.... View More>>
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