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Latest News

How to choose the best carton waste stripper?
When choosing an pneumatic air carton waste cleaner, it is generally advisable to select a machine with faster speed.... View More>>
Which kind of carton paper waste removal machine is the best?
When it comes to die cutting or remove the cardboard waste from paper board, there are two primary options available: electric and pneumatic waste edge trimmers.... View More>>
Why Choose Chaoyi Carton Waste Strippers?
There are several reasons why CHAOYI Machinery is a great choice when purchasing a paper box waste cleaning machine... View More>>
Why do I need your carton waste strippers?
The advantage of cardboard waste stripper is that they can reduce the cost and the risk of injury to worker... View More>>
Chaoyi Machine Company Plans Using ChatGPT to Daily Work
ChatGPT’s full name is Chat Generative Pre-trained Transformer.... View More>>
Happy Women's Day
Compared with the past, the status of women has improved a lot, but it is still impossible to achieve equality between men and women... View More>>
Great Feeback about Carton Waste Stripping Tool from Customer
HS-N80 manual carton waste stripping tool is is highly praised by customer from Canada... View More>>
A small but big power device to cut down edge waste from paper board when making cartons, boxes or paper cups
cut down device, stripping gun, waste stripping machine, die cut waste stripping tool, cartons stripper, boxes waste stripper, paper cups waste stripper, air waste stripper, pneumatic waste stripper, carton waste stripper.... View More>>
all kinds of pneumatic air carton waste stripper
#creasingmatrix #wastestripper #pneumaticwastestripper #boxmaker #diemaking #diemaker #diecutter #diecutting #corrugatedpackaging #foldingcartons #cardboardpackaging... View More>>
Inner hole pneumatic waste stripper
waste stripper, pneumatic waste stripper, inner hole waste stripper, die cutter, pneumatic tool, diecutting machine, bobst stripper, bobst machine, corrugated paper stripper, die marker, boxmarker, cartonbox, inner hole waste stripping machine, waste stri... View More>>
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