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Packaging Boxes Cartons Magnetic Separator Button Separator


Packaging Boxes Cartons Magnetic Separator Button Separator

Type:electric pneumatic type


Revolution:60 pcs per minute

Working pressure:24V

Paper type:It is suitable for all kinds of magnet

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Magnetic Separator For Packaging Industry Magnetic Button Separator For Boxes Cartons Package

Item Number



Pneumatic Electric Magnet Separator




60 pcs /min (actually, speed based on your speed, you fast, it will fast, you slow, it will slow.)

Magnet thickness


Magnet size


Input power


Working power


Air power


Net weight


Machine Dimension



All kinds of magnets, such as shaped magnet, round magnet, long magnet, double-sided magnet, single-sided magnet, square magnet, etc.

What is Magnet Separator?

Magnet separator is a device to separate the magnetic buttons one by one when installing or packaging the button into the cartons or boxes. Please see above video.
The traditional method is to separate the magnets one by one by hand. The magnets are magnetic and often stick together, and they need to be broken one by one by hand, which takes a lot of time. This magnet separator effectively solves the problem of magnets sticking together, and automatically separates magnets one by one. The speed is adjustable, which greatly improves work efficiency.

Easy to use
Count alarm
Wider range
Speed adjustable

Magnet Separator Device Advantages:

1, This machine is simple to operate and easy to debug. Wear-resistant and durable, saving manpower.

2, Suitable for all kinds of round magnets, square magnets, rectangular magnets, single-sided magnets, double-sided magnets.

3, It is a great tool to separate the magnets,no need to separate one by one with our hands,freeing up your hands.

4. It is a must have machine in printing industry.

5. Wide range of application and durability.

6. Size can be adjusted, suitable for all kinds of round, square, rectangular, single-sided, double-sided magnets.

Details Reflect Quality

Easy commissioning

Convenient operation, adjustable height, adjustable width, simple and clear.

Easy disassembly

Adjustable thickness, easy to disassemble,improve work efficiency.

Induction operation

Automatic induction, aluminum sheet push, high speed and convenient, anti-magnetic force.

Easy to use

Pneumatic connector, easy  to sue stable air pressure.

It is suitable for all kinds of magnetics.

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