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Price for Pneumatic Waste Stripping Tool Air Waste Stripper


Price for Pneumatic Waste Stripping Tool Air Waste Stripper

Type:air waste stripper



Revolution:4500 PRM

Working pressure:6~8KG

Motor:Taiwan Brand

Paper type:all kinds of paper. Efficienty will be higher for thin paperboard / art paper

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Paper recycling tool, Cardboard container,Material separation tool,Disposable cup recycling device

Product's Working Video

Technical Information

Item Number



Pneumatic stripper


Black and Silver (you could choose the color you want )


4500 turns /min


#7 with 3 rows of cogs (small size)

Air consumption


Working pressure

6~8 KG

Net weight

3.5 KG

Minimum cutting size


Suitable paper

All kinds of paper. Efficiency will be higher for thin paperboard / art paper

Gross Weight


Package Dimensions


HS-2836M is designed for narrowest waste edge. Rapidly waste clear. Durable and creative.

HS-2836M Product Details

Powerful and secure pneumatic motor;
Switch protected by a sturdy structure with built-in safety mechanisms;
Hard alloy chain hook treated with nanotechnology for long-lasting efficiency at high speeds;
High-quality riveted chain teeth designed to prevent injury under high pressure;
Exhaust structure at the tail end to prevent air pollution;
Ergonomically designed for versatile application adaptability.

HS-2836M Product Feature

Designed for stripping waste margins from cardboard, thin corrugated paper, and standard corrugated paper in the printing and packaging industries;
High-speed gear driven by an air motor to efficiently strip waste margin paper using sharp teeth;
Gear made of high-strength diamond compound for durability, wear resistance, and easy replacement after heat treatment;
Highly efficient manual stripping equipment that improves stripping efficiency by 10 times;
Manual waste stripper takes only a few minutes to remove unwanted waste, significantly increasing productivity and shortening delivery cycles;
Compact and lightweight design for easy operation by trained workers, similar in weight to a standard grinder;
Does not damage the bonding area during stripping, improving overall efficiency.

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Warm Reminder

When using the stripper, the outside trim areas of folding carton cutting die must be installed with stripper rules and use Nick to grind nicks. Otherwise, the stripping result will be affected.

Order Steps

Precautions for the use of pneumatic waste removal machine:

1. Waterproof:

Please install the "oil-water separator" according to the manufacturer's requirements. pay attention to the drainage in the oil-water separator and add pneumatic tool oil in it. more details, please see below video.

2. Cleaning:

, the internal cleaning of the machine: pour "kerosene or anti-rust oil or pneumatic tool oil" into the air inlet every day, then turn on the stripper and let it run idly, it clean the internal parts automatic when it is idling. please note, add the pneumatic tool oil is for maintain, kerosene and anti-rust oil is for cleaning.

, External cleaning: After get off work every day, please use an air gun to blow out the paper scraps in the machine shell, chain gaps and other places.

3. Air pressure requirements:

Above 6-8 air pressure, the actual power of the air compressor is above 3.5KW, and the air compressor needs to be drained regularly.

4. The process of removing waste should be done by pressing down with both hands gently to the end. Do not use the stripper to beat the waste paper to remove waste.

5. Safety precautions:

, Operator's safety: Please operate the waste stripper with both hands, not one-handed, to prevent the chain from hurting people.

, the safety of the waste stripper: do not let stripper to touch wooden bottom plate or the hard iron objects when it is working, otherwise the chain will be broken.

6. Try not to let the machine work continuously, let it rest for one minute after using 1 hour.

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