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Device for removing cartons from stacks of diecut sheets


Device for removing cartons from stacks of diecut sheets

Type:air waste stripper


Chain:#3 chain

Revolution:4500 RPM

Working pressure:6~8KG

Motor:Chinese brand

Paper type:it suitable for all kinds of paper, especially for corrugating paper and cardboard

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Device for removing cartons from stacks of diecut sheets

Item Number



Pneumatic stripper




4500 turns /min


#3 with 18 cogs (medium size)

Air consumption


Working pressure

6~8 KG

Net weight

5.5 KG

Minimum cutting size


Suitable paper

all kinds of paper. Efficiency will be higher for corrugating medium paper/paperboard

Gross Weight


Package Dimensions



The CHAOYI Cartonstripper has become a go-to solution for many packaging companies facing increased demand, seeking to enhance their work efficiency. Both the CHAOYI Cartonstripper Compact for folding carton board and the Compact Pro for corrugated materials have consistently proven their ability to save significant time in the stripping process, ultimately paying for themselves time and time again.

Responding to high demand from the corrugated box sector, CHAOYI Cartonstripper has introduced a new, more powerful hand-held diecut waste stripping unit, which reduces hand-stripping time by 85%.

The Cartonstripper is a hand-held device designed to efficiently remove waste from stacks of die cut sheets. Manufactured exclusively in the United Kingdom, it features a powerful motor capable of processing folding box board, solid board up to 2000 microns, and corrugated material. The design of the Cartonstripper incorporates a two-handed operation, providing dual valves for enhanced operator safety.

Cartonstripper Advantages

User-friendly design ensures maximum operator precision in waste removal from die cut sheets
Low noise levels ensure quiet operation
Damage-free blanks enable better gluer operation by providing greater precision
The thoughtful design incorporates a two-handed operation with fully-enclosed pneumatic system for enhanced safety
The Cartonstripper offers a rapid return on investment and includes a full product warranty, leading to increased profits
The heavy-duty motor and hardened parts ensure quality, durability, and the ability to handle all grades of board
The reduction in stripping time by up to 85% makes it a cost-effective investment


The principle diagram for waste stripper segments illustrates that the outer trim should be divided into sections no longer than 400mm. The length of the sections depends on the quantity and depth of the cut-outs, as well as the shape of the sheet. A lower number of nicks will result in a faster stripping operation.


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