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How to choose the best carton waste stripper?

How to choose the best carton waste stripper?

When choosing an pneumatic air carton waste cleaner, it is generally advisable to select a machine with faster speed. As we all know that there are two kinds of speed for pneumatic paper carton waste stripper, 2500 turns per minute and 4500 turns per minute. Normally, choosing 4500 turns per minute would be better. Higher speed means higher performance when doing waste removal. In situations where machines operate at the same speed, it is better to choose one with greater power, as this will lead to faster and more efficient waste cleaning.

The motor brand is also an important consideration when selecting an air pneumatic carton waste cleaner. Taiwan-made motors are generally considered better than their Chinese counterparts because they offer higher precision, greater speed stability, better quality, and longer lifespan.

Overall, the key factors to consider when selecting an great paper pneumatic carton waste cleaner are speed, power, and motor brand. Faster speed and greater power will lead to more efficient waste cleaning, while a high-quality motor brand will ensure durability, precision, and speed stability.

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