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  • Power Carton Paper Manual Stripping Machine Small Paper Box Waste Stripper
  • Power Carton Paper Manual Stripping Machine Small Paper Box Waste Stripper
Power Carton Paper Manual Stripping Machine Small Paper Box Waste Stripper Power Carton Paper Manual Stripping Machine Small Paper Box Waste Stripper

Power Carton Paper Manual Stripping Machine Small Paper Box Waste Stripper

  • Product No.:HS-D20S
  • Price:negotiation
  • type:electric waste stripper
  • Weight:5.5KG
  • chain:#3 chain
  • Revolution:3800 RPM
  • Working pressure:6~8KG
  • Motor:Chinese brand
  • paper type:it suitable for all kinds of paper, especially for corrugating paper, cardboard and so on.
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Power Carton Paper Manual Stripping Machine Small Paper Box Waste Stripper

Strip all kinds of general cardboard, plastic sheet and leather products after die-cutting. It has compact structure, exquisite production, high pressure, high precision, convenient use, and reliable operation, which reduces the labor costs.

Technical Information

Item Number



Electrical stripper




3800 turns /min


#3 with 18 cogs (medium size)

Working power


Power supply


Net weight

5.5 KG

Minimum cutting size


Suitable paper

it suitable for all kinds of paper, especially for corrugating paper, cardboard and so on.

Gross Weight


Package Dimensions


HS-D20S electrical waste strippers main advantages compare to pneumatic strippers

1, Convenient. Easy to change position, no need to be fixed by air compressor position. You can use it whenever and everywhere and just need to contact the power that with 220V~250V.

2, No need to maintain it. Since it is connect to the power and there is no water vapor that may enter in the stripper.

3, Adjustable speed. There are 6 gears to adjust the speed. Easy and simple to operate with the speed you want.

Features of the electric waste stripper HS-D20S

The electric waste stripper is a highly efficient post-press equipment, which greatly reduces labor costs.

The chain made of high-strength alloy has extremely high hardness, strong wear resistance and long service life.

The waste stripping machine is a very efficient electric waste stripping equipment, and the waste stripping efficiency is increased by nearly 10 times.

The waste stripper has a compact structure, and its weight is similar to that of a common portable grinder.

Using high-strength alloy, overheating process to process the sprocket, using electric motor all-copper core is not easy to burn, large fan to ensure good heat dissipation.

Built-in powerful fan, through the suction fan, through the suction and exhaust mode to drive the air to achieve the effect of cooling.

“Our electrical

The electric driven carton-stripper is our new electric type of carton-stripper. The electric stripper is particularly well suited for normal die-cut waste. This device is driven by a electric 1400 watts  motor and is comparable in performance to the pneumatic stripper.

This device can be used wherever no compressed air system is available.

For the main processing of corrugated cardboard, we also offer our special large size and medium size of chain for this device.

This device is available only with the electrical requirements given in the technical specification below.

Powerful pneumatic motor guarantees smooth stripping.

Solid and rigid steel construction.

Stripping waste with maximal efficiency.

Extremely safe, easy and comfortable to operate.

The hardened-steel stripping wheel guarantees longer lifetime.

Field of Application & Work Stations

It is designed for the sole purpose of clearing waste of carton boxes.

It is a manual device. After connecting to power with 220V~250V, press the rotary switch for normal operation.

It is to be installed and operated in a post-processing waste stripping area.

Picture show


Lightning-fast stripping of the outer die-cut waste from carton, microwave and corrugated board stacks with our carton-strippers.

Finish the timeconsuming and stressful wastestripping by hand. Our carton-strippers allows lightning fast removal of diecut waste from folding carton, e-flute, cardboard, microwave-and corrugated board. When breaking out the die-cut waste with our carton-strippers, the sheets remain exactly stacked as they left the die-cutter. Designed to meet the requirements of our customers, our carton-strippers have proven their worth in cartonboard and board processing worldwide for more than 15 years.

Requirements for using our technology.

Prerequisite for using our technology is that the outside trim must be cut into trim sections. Except from this is the clutch edge. This will be stripped out reciprocally, on the left and right side. Please see also the enclosed principle picture for waste segments. Subdivide the waste edge in a way that the chain can operate at the widest part of the waste edge. Furthermore, the smaller the number of nicks (to heed at new forms), the faster the stripping operation will go. The carton-stripper removes the trim section by section at high speed. A section of the stack of 250 sheets high can be removed in one second for instance. This performance results in a substantial lowering of manual stripping cost.

Handling of our carton-strippers.

The principle and handling is very simple.

The chain of the carton-stripper is placed with some pressure on the outer edge of the waste before the device is switched on.

The rotating, hardened and hard-chromed chain strips the exterior trim from the die-cut sheet at high speed.

Slide down the carton-stripper with some pressure on the waste trim.

Depending on the number of nicks and the breaks of the die-cut waste, you have to do a right / left combination with the carton-stripper to break out the die-cut waste along the full length of the stack. A chrome-plated cover over the chain prevents damage to the sheets and helps you to slide down the stack easily.

The reason why I recommend you to choose us


Riveting Chain

more firmer and not hard to break.

Metal Cover

Stainless Steel Cover

it is easy to extremely hot and easy to dissipate heat, which can protect stripper by itself

Metal Handle

Stainless Steel Handle

elegant and is high quality.

Firm structure

Three points fixation

More firmer and more stable

Inside components

Hard Coating

Longer lifetime and high quality


Taiwan Famous brand

High accuracy, stability, and good quality

Product Functions Explanation

This device is specially designed for the universal use of removal of large & small segment waste from diecut sheets with no damage to the carton blanks, which can improve the gluer productivity.

Pneumatic driven, environmental friendly, safe and reliable

Conforms to Oriental hand shape, which can be moved flexibly and lightly.

Scientific design stripping wheel, effectively reduces the unreasonable contacts with paper

The electric motor enables stripping to be handier

Enhances the efficiency of stripping greatly, reduces stripping personnel, and saves time

Order list

How to order to us and whats the lead time?

1, once we got your order, we will issue you proforma invoice, if you need.

2, then, please arrange the payment for us and provide us the bank slip.

3, once we confirm your payment, we will arrange to send out stripper to you at once during business hours by FEDEX or DHL and provide you tracking number next day.

4, we will keep to follow the shipping details and update to you until you receive it successfully.

5, we will be on line 24 hrs a day and 7days a week for you.

6, We will contact you regularly to learn about the use situation of the machine in order to solve the problem in time

Precautions for the use of electric waste remover:

1. Heat dissipation:

The electric waste stripper needs a heat dissipation process. It is recommended to let the stripper rest for 30 seconds after working continuously for about 15 minutes. It will have a great effect on the life of the machine's parts.

2. Speed: 1400W is the high-power electric machine. It is recommended that you use the speed of 1-4 gears to remove waste when using. The speed below the 4th gear is the most suitable speed for the stripping, which can protect the internal parts of the machine. Moreover the effect is the best, and the strength is also the best when removing waste. Try not to use the 5 gears and 6 gears as much as possible.

3. Cleaning of the machine:

After get off work every day, please use an air gun to blow away the paper scraps in the machine casing/chain gap/motor hot hole, etc., so as to effectively dissipate heat to protect the stripper and extend its life.

4. When the machine rolls paper or the chain does not run or other situations, pls immediately unplug the power supply and clean up the paper scraps, then use it again. Do not turn on the power when the paper is jammed to prevent the inside of the movement from exploding gear.

5. Voltage requirements:

220V two-phase electricity, two-pin socket, 2.6m standard cable length.

6. Removing waste process:

It should be lightly pressing down stripper with both hands to stripping waste in one go. Do not use the stripper to beat the waste paper to remove waste.

7. Safety precautions:

, Operator's safety: Please operate the waste stripper with both hands, not one-handed, to prevent the chain from hurting people.

, the safety of the waste stripper:  do not let stripper to touch wooden bottom plate or the hard iron objects when it is working, otherwise the chain will be broken.

8. Try not to let the machine work continuously. After 15 minutes of use, let the machine rest for 30 seconds.

9. Add ordinary engine oil to the connection of the chain and gear in time, lift the waste stripper with both hands. Then turn on stripper and let it idling for one minute.

10. When the power of the motor drops, please replace the carbon brushes in time.

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