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Semi-Automatic Pneumatic Inner Hole Paper Waste Remover


Semi-Automatic Pneumatic Inner Hole Paper Waste Remover

Type:semi-automatic waste stripper



Working pressure:0.6~0.8bar

Paper type:all kinds of paper

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Semi-Automatic Pneumatic Inner Hole Paper Waste Remover

Technical Specifications

Product Name: HS-650 semi-automatic inner hole waste cleaning machine

Power Supply: 220V

Air Pressure: 0.6-0.8bar

Machine Pressure: 1.5T

Effective Stripping Area: 650 * 550mm

Net Weight: 160KG

Gross Weight: 181KG

Package Dimensions: 1730870750mm (1.2 CBM)

Packaging: Export wooden box

HS-650 Features

The HS-650 semi-automatic waste cleaning machine is designed to efficiently remove waste paper from inner holes created during die-cutting in color printing and packaging operations, including round, square, and elongated holes.

The adjustable locking plate allows for the simultaneous installation of multiple molds, enabling the clearing of numerous waste holes at once, significantly reducing labor and enhancing productivity.

The semi-automatic waste cleaning machine incorporates precision-engineered components to ensure accuracy and ease of operation.

HS-650 Product Advantages

Minimizes manual waste removal.

Reduces product damage compared to manual cleaning methods.

Increases actual production efficiency by 30% to 50%.

Offers superior waste removal efficiency for products with multiple holes, regardless of the hole count or size.

Capable of removing waste material from multiple holes in 40-70 cardboard boxes simultaneously, accurately clearing areas smaller than 100mm2 (e.g., 25mmx4mm rectangular holes or 11mm circular holes).

Why Choose Us?

Infrared Safety Detection Sensor: Ensures production safety by preventing the machine from pressing down if the operator’s hand is detected on the working desk.

Large Size Double Magnetic Ring Cylinder: Utilizes a 125-type cylinder for improved stability and smoother waste paper removal.

Foot Switch: High-grade foot switch with a metal anti-misstep housing for automatic waste cleaning.

Extra Working Desk: Widened material preparation table for convenient product placement and waste removal.

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